Sunday, June 28, 2009


Thursday night was a MUCH anticipated event - the annual GA lock-in! The girls were beyond excited to say the least! Since we have been learning about North American missionaries, and our focus this month has been on missionaries in HAWAII, it was only fitting that we have a Hawaiian themed night! The missionary that our focus has been on, Joy Turner, is a missionary to international students coming to Hawaii to go to college. So, our activities were around traveling, tourism, and the Hawaiian culture. I had decorated all the tables and food tables with sand buckets, flip flops, and beach towels, and found a "Hawaiian Luau" CD that I had playing the entire night. I greeted each girl as they arrived with her own colorful lei.
We ate pizza (not really Hawaiian, but who doesn't like pizza?!?) and fruit kabobs, and sipped on our Hawaiian Punch through the little umbrella straws.
We then played Limbo,
and had a "Tacky Tourist" beauty pageant (which the girls LOVED - they played it all night!)

Then, the girls were ready for crafts...my girls are all about some crafts! We used fabric paints and decorated pillow cases - very few people leave home for a long trip without their pillow!
We ended our Hawaiian activities with Banana Splits, where I had all different kinds of fruit toppings (and, maybe a little chocolate syrup) for the girls to make their yummy concoctions.
The girls a blast!!

It was a great night!

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