Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back to School Mess!

This is the mess I have been in all day.

I am moving schools this year, and oh the junk that I have collected over the past several years!! I threw things away, compiled and re-organized, and hopefully will start out the school year a little bit more "put together" (YEAH, RIGHT!!)

I still have a rather large pile of stuff still in my garage...

I'm gonna miss my Union Grove buddies TERRIBLY, but I know this was the right move. Just one of those things ya "just know", you know? My new position allows me to teach in a preschool classroom in the mornings, but also gives me an opportunity to do parenting/family programs (which I love) in the afternoons. So, it's the best of both worlds!

Now, back to that mess........

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  1. Ok, I must be under a rock. I did not get that you were not going to be based at our school until today. I thought that it was different when you were sitting with Gina Mastin today. I also remember a blog post about parenting classes...but then it all pieced together with this last post. I am so upset that you will not be at UGES. You are such a bright spot in my day. I am going to miss you terribly!! I know that you'll love your new job and do great. It will also cut down on your drive from home. BUT...I am so bummed!!! We must keep in touch...I know we will thanks to the blog.:) I just wanted you to know that I feel like that I have just crawled out from under a rock. :0 I am such a ditz sometime. Sorry for my ignorance!! Love you!