Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Candyland Adventure!

Gumdrops, lollipops...candy galore!
You'll love what we have in store!
Come along for a Candyland adventure to celebrate
Carolyne's 5th and Sam's 3rd birthdays!

Yesterday we celebrated Carolyne and Sam's birthdays with a Candyland themed birthday party! It was so cute, and fun was had by all (even the grown ups!)

Valerie had set up the party just like the Candyland game, with a colored square path to follow to each destination (Peppermint Forest, Gumdrop Mountains, Lollipop Woods, Chocolate Swamp, etc.) Each stop had a game. Here is Carolyne bouncing on her "gumdrop" at the Gumdrop Mountains!

I got Carolyne, Kailey, Kenedi, and Sam to stop for just a second from all the fun to take a quick picture! They have so much fun together :)

The children decorated treat bags before starting the games to have a place for their prizes.

There was candy EVERYWHERE...a child's dream land!

After the party, Valerie and I took Carolyne and Sam out to eat. Here I am with the Birthday Girl and Birthday Boy!

It was such a fun day! Happy Birthday, Carolyne and Sam!!

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