Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Longest Post EVER!

This may be the longest post in blogging history....so get ready!! I've got a lot of catching up to do!!

Last week was a very fast and furious week with one thing driving us - VOLLEYBALL. In our church's community Church-league Volleyball is SERIOUS business. SERIOUSLY....SERIOUS BUSINESS. Volleyball starts the first week of June, and the season goes through the last week of July, ending with a tournament. There are 4 divisions: Children, Youth, Women, and Men. And, oh yes, you better believe Mt. Vernon is represented in all 4 divisions! Because it's volleyball. And, volleyball is SERIOUS business.

This was the first year that Brad has played volleyball. He started out in June saying "This will be good exercise"....then, he was saying "good grief, I'm sore!"...and finally concluded at the end of the regular season "I'm getting too old for this!" (You know, he IS turning 30 in less than 4 weeks!) And, then the tournament started. Let me just tell you - Brad has volleyball fever now. He has hobbled around, and grunted and groaned...and loved every single minute of it. He has talked volleball strategy during supper, and took upon himself to assist in coaching the Youth team to victory. Our men and women's teams lost out before the tournament finals, but our children and youth teams continued on into the finals with our children's team finishing up in 3rd place and our youth team winning the entire tournament!! We were sooooo proud of both teams. Brad was like a proud Papa.

But, the most awesome thing had absolutely nothing to do with where our teams placed in the tournament. Each year, an award is given out for the "Most Christ-like Team". OUR CHILDREN'S TEAM WAS CHOSEN FOR THE AWARD!! What a huge honor!! What a great reflection of our children's ministry!!

You're probably thinking, "So, where's the pictures of all of this???" Well, after taking probably 100 pictures during the tournament, my camera decided to DELETE my pictures!!!! That's right....NO PICTURES! I was soooo sad :(

This week has also been a wild and crazy week in true Hayley Powell fashion....I'm a pro at having WAY too many things on my plate, and needing to be in 2 places at one time!!! Well, with school starting back, trying to move classrooms, numerous meetings, a baby shower, and the Longest Yardsale...my week was a tad bit full!!!!

Friday and Saturday we set up at our church for The Longest Yardsale. The Longest Yardsale is a 450 mile yardsale that starts in Gadsden, Alabama and goes all the way to West Unity, Ohio. Our church is on the yardsale path, and people set up all over the church grounds. Our church also sells homemade fried pies, B-b-q, Boston Butts, hotdogs, ICE COLD soft drinks and water, and watermelon. Every year, our Children and Youth groups sell something for a fundraiser. This year, we sold Lemonade and they did an awesome job! We have such an amazing group of kids!!!

It's alot of fun, but very HOT and tiring!!.......But still, alot of fun!

Whew, I'm tired just telling you all about the past 2 weeks!!! Tomorrow school starts back - but my preschoolers will not start until next Monday, so I have a little time to get ready for them!!

Have a great week!!


  1. Hayley,
    I love reading your blog. You always make my day. Your enthusiasim is so uplifting, I always leave smiling. I love how you love the Lord. Mt. Vernon is so blessed to have you and Brad as part of us. Keep up the good work. Love ya.
    Rachel Trail

  2. Nice Blog you've got here... liked it! ^_^

  3. how do make homemade lemonade ?