Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fun with the Fam

A perfect meal for a fun night of football game viewing with the fam...

Sam, are you excited to watch Auburn play football??

How about you, Carolyne...are you ready to cheer the Tigers (and the Canes, Robby) to another victory???

Oh, but wait...

We aren't here just for the game, are we?
I think there may be something else on the agenda...hmmmm...

OHH!!! I remember!! YEA!!!!!!!
It's yet ANOTHER birthday in our family!! Happy birthday, mommy (Valerie)!!!

Valerie's birthday was on Wednesday, so we celebrated during half-time of all the football madness last night! My sister - my dearest friend, my shopping companion, my secret keeper, my prayer warrior, my kindred spirit, and one of my favorite people to laugh with! Happy Birthday, Val-e Jo! I love you, yeah!

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