Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's OK to gag

Disclaimer: Before you read the quote below...please be advised that it's OKAY to chuckle at this. It's okay because - 1) I am not skinny, and I laughed HARD at this remark 2) My mother is over all the lunchrooms in the school system, and I was completely not offended. So, with that being said...if I was not offended by this, you shouldn't be either, k?

This was the conversation between 2 of my crazy co-workers this afternoon:

Teacher 1: I have to take my son lunch - he doesn't like the food from the lunchroom. If he had to eat it, he would just start gagging.

Teacher 2: Well, let him gag. It might do him some good...he might lose some weight!

HAHAHAHA! Lesson learned - maybe going places that you don't like the food is a good way to shed a few pounds!

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