Thursday, October 22, 2009

Youthquake '09

Last weekend, Brad and I took our Youth Group to Youthquake. Youthquake is a youth concert event in Cullman, Alabama. This year's line up included Hawk Nelson, Fee!, Skillet, and several others. The day started out a little wet and muddy, but we all had a blast!!!

Waiting ever so patiently in line to get in!!

Brad - our fearless leader :)

Abby was so thrilled to have her PINK PONCHO for the yuck weather!

There's only one word to describe Youthquake outside of fun and worshipful - MUDDY!! Poor Allison had to "wash" her feet in a mud puddle to get all the mud that had caked up on her feet off!

One of our most FAVORITE artists - FEE - was there, and best of all - their newest CD came out THAT DAY! So, we got to get it there! INCREDIBLE CD!!YOU...MUST...GO...BUY...IT...TODAY!!!! I will be sharing some of my most favorite songs soon :)
We all had such an awesome time!!! And, Brad and I were once again reminded how blessed we are to be able to serve the Lord at Mt. Vernon...we have an INCREDIBLE group of teenagers!!

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