Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sand, Sun, and lots of Fun!!!

This week is Fall Break, and I was soooo ready for the break! I have a great job, and really enjoy it, but things have been so INSANELY busy that a break was desperately called for! Valerie and Robby always go to the beach during Fall Break, and we decided that we needed to go too! Unfortunately, Brad had to stay home this trip due to school, work, and church...never seems to be any rest for him these days. So, Valerie and Robby, Carolyne and Sam, Mama and Daddy, Lori, and myself all headed down to Gulf Shores on Friday. We had planned to stay Friday through Tuesday, but my sweet Daddy surprised us with an extra day, so we didn't come home until Wednesday. The first few days were cold...I mean REALLY COLD! Like 50 degrees and majorly windy cold - the kind of weather that you only want to have when visiting the mountains snuggled up by a crackling fire! But, we made do by going SHOPPING!! I got lots of pretties, and got some Christmas shopping done! YEA! But, the rest of the time was absolutely beautiful, and perfect temperatures.

I took this picture the first night we were at The Beach Club. My daddy says the redder the sky, the colder the weather. I don't know if that's just an old wives' tale, but it definitely was C-O-L-D that night!!!!

Monday - Wednesday was soooo beautiful!!
Carolyne loves the beach...if given the chance, she would definitely live right on the beach! She plays from the minute she steps foot on the sand, until everyone else is ready to go in. Such a beach bunny :)
Sam flying his kite!
Papa and Carolyne playing in the ocean!
Sam "cautiously" loves the ocean...he wanted so badly to be in the water, but only if someone was holding his hand. Very tightly. HA! But, he absolutely loves playing in the sand :)Lori soaking up the rays! Sam and Carolyne enjoying a train ride at the park.
My mama and daddy - LOVE THEM!Valerie enjoying the bumper boats - haha!
Sam and Robby making sure everyone got soaked that rode a bumper boat!

At the beach or not, we of course had to watch Biggest Loser Tuesday night! Of course, we watched just after we had ate steak, potatoes, and, um...s'mores. Please don't tell anyone of our shamefulness.
Packing up to leave. It's always so sad leaving the beach.

Lori and I stayed on the beach until it was dark on our last day. We watched the sunset, and it was absolutely beautiful!

The beach does something to my spirit that I can't explain. It's a place of respite for me. The sound of the waves, the occasional splash of water on my feet while sitting at the edge of the shore...it just brings peace to me, and draws me to "Be still" (Psalms 46:10) - physically, mentally, and spiritually. Such a place only exists because of its Creator. Thank you Lord for such a gift!

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  1. Beautiful post!! Those pictures look like they need to be on a postcard. Glad you had such a wonderful time!!