Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friday Night Fun

Friday nights are my favorite. On any given week, you will typically find Brad and I on a date on Friday night, whether it's at a favorite restaurant in Birmingham, going shopping, or just grabbing a movie and heading home. What I love is that it's just an unspoken routine that we silently plan to do something just him and I. We don't go crazy and get all upset if plans interfere and we have to do something with other people, because that's just how our lives are - things come up OFTEN that interfere with US time. But, when things work out, and we get to have our Friday night together...it's such a blessing!! Some of you are probably thinking "y'all have 'us' time ALL THE TIME - you don't have any CHILDREN!" Well, no we don't have children yet - but, Brad has an INCREDIBLY demanding job of his time, is a seminary student, and a Youth Pastor...so, ummm...we. don't. see. each. other. very. often. at. all. - specifically just the 2 of us!

Well, last week I needed some "Bradley time" in the worst way. So, when Friday rolled around and there was an all-clear for our night out, I was so happy!! We went to BoneFish to eat (all I have to say is Bang Bang Shrimp...OH MY WORD...it's on the top of the list of absolute all time FAVS!) Then, we headed to the Galleria. It just so happened that Friday night was their annual lighting of the Christmas tree. I remember going for this annual event several times when I was a child, but had not been in several years. I had forgotten how exciting the kick off to the Christmas season was!
There was a live orchestra and a ballet company that acted out the Polar Express...it was just magical! Then, Santa "appeared" in the glass elevator and came down to count down the lighting. Prior to the program starting, children all across the mall had been given bells. When Santa came down the elevator, you began to hear bells EVERYWHERE ringing. It was so magical! All around me I could here children cheering, giggling, and shouts of "Santa!" filling the air. Such fun!

After the show, Brad and I planned to get a little Christmas shopping done. But, the only shopping done was Brad buying me a new purse, and some other goodies. Isn't he the BEST??!! Besides, Black Friday is around the corner - maybe I'll get some shopping done for everyone else then...and, I can ASSURE YOU - Brad will NOT be with me then because
Psychotic crowds going after bargains + getting up at 3 a.m. + Bradley = NOT A PLEASANT EXPERIENCE!!!
But, that's okay - hopefully I can get some of his Christmas bought :)

So, I'm curious - what is your favorite day of the week, and why? Leave me a comment, and share! I'd love to hear from ya!

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  1. Hayley Bug, I have the Bang Bang Sauce recipe!
    It is one of my favorites too!