Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brad in Korea

Well, Brad has already been gone for almost 9 of his 25 day trip to the "Orient"...Korea, Japan, and China. Thought I would share with y'all a few of the pics that he sent me of his stay in Korea. I laughed after looking at the pictures because so many of them are of food! I guess no matter where you are, that's the most important factor - when and where you're going to eat! HA!

Bucheon, South Korea...

At 10 degrees with close to a foot of snow on the ground, it was C-O-L-D!!!
Fish tanks are all along the sidewalks. Poor fish - they have no idea they're about to become SUISHI!
"Time is Money" Restaurant

LOOK at this spread of food!!! LOTS of raw fish (suishi) at this meal. Brad looks oh so happy about the cuisine...
Drinking Plum Tea. He said this is AWESOME - best part of the meal.

He was excited to see a large number of Christian churches in the area!
One of his happiest moments - walking down the street, he found this (look on the left side of the photo) -
That's right - a McDonald's and KFC!

Brad said he had no idea what the Korean symbols said, but he recognized the most important symbol - THE GOLDEN ARCHES! HA!!
Although he enjoyed the experience of Korean cuisine, he was one happy man to eat some good ol' "American" food. :)
Brad flew to Tokyo on Sunday, and will remain in Japan until the 28th. Then, he will be in China for a week before returning home. Being able to Skype with him has been AWESOME - I've gotten to see and talk to him twice a day! He's given me tours of his room and showed me the view outside his window of each of the hotels he has been in. I've been able to show him how my foot looks every day. It's been such a blessing, and made his time away easier (for me, at least!)
Stay tuned for some pictures of Japan soon to come...

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