Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Batter Up!

Brad, myself, and Ellie went to watch Kailey - the oldest of our 4 Favorites - play T-ball tonight. Being that I have not been to our community ball field since my sister stopped playing softball back in the day, this was all new to me. Kailey is only 5, so for their age group they don't even keep score - they let each team bat 2 times and be on the field 2 times, then it's over :)

We had a great time, and had LOTS of laughs watching the children play in the dirt and have 5 year old conversations instead of paying attention to where the ball was! It was just precious to watch those little dolls with their ball caps on that were too big run as hard as they could to grab the ball and fling it towards anyone that might would catch it. :) The coaches were so good with the children, and very patient. I know it will be fun to watch how much the children grow and learn over the season!

Kailey did great, and we were so proud of her! She was most excited to see sweet Ellie had came to watch her game :) We are looking forward to many more nights at the ball field!

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