Sunday, April 18, 2010


Random thoughts to share today...

1. I'm dreading tomorrow (Monday). Not for any particular reason other than it's Monday...my least favorite day of the week, people! BUT, I only have 6 MORE MONDAYS until school is out...so, I'll take a deep breath and convince myself to get up in the morning.

2. Brad and I got to spend the majority of 3 full days together this weekend, and it was WONDERFUL! The demands of Brad's time and attention to his job force him to not be at home ALOT, and so days we get to spend together are few and far between. Thank you Lord, for the blessing of this weekend!

3. Saturday afternoon, Valerie and myself (with Ellie in tow) went to our local craft show - Art on the Lake. We go every year and have so much fun checking out our local artists' work. Among the artists is one of our very fav artists, and Carolyne's Diva Do's (after school craft class) teacher, Kelli Jackson. She does FABULOUS one of a kind pieces! If you are not familiar with her work, you need to be! Check out her blog, etsy shop, and Diva Do's.

4. Our sweet little Yorkie, Ellie, has just fit perfectly into our family!! She has met most everyone, including our 4 Favorties who have just fell in love with her. Brad and I both adore her and are so thankful that we have her :)

5. I have gotten results back from the 3 tests (GRE, PRAXIS 2, and APTTP) I had to take for Graduate School - PASSED, PASSED, PASSED!!! WOOHOO!!!

6. I should hear from Auburn THIS WEEK if I have been accepted into Graduate School...please say a prayer!!

7. We are less than a week away from going to Atlanta to see Beth Moore and I am just absolutely BEYOND WORDS excited....I can't wait!!!! We are leaving Thursday so we can get in some shopping before the conference on Saturday. It's going to be tons of fun! But, more than the shopping - and, you all know how I LOVE to shop! - I am so ready to sit and bask in the spirit of the Lord and have Truth spoken to me through Beth. Saturday, HURRY UP!!

8. We are having some contractors come out this week for a couple different home improvement projects - and, I am just so excited! I'll share more as things get started!

9. I am sooooo LOVIN' the amazing Spring weather we have had the past couple of weeks!! It's definitely given us Spring/Summer Fever...we've been getting our yard and the pool ready, and finishing up details for summer trips! I just love this time of year!

10. The next several weeks I am going to have lots going on. Be prepared to either not hear a whole lot of me, or to be OVERLOADED with pictures and updates...you know me, I don't know the meaning of "happy medium". Thanks for sticking with me despite my quirky unpredictability!

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