Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter is Here!

Yesterday began all the Easter festivities! We had our Easter party and egg hunt with all the families at school. I have such a fun job!!
This weekend Brad and I have LOTS of things going on...Church Easter Egg Hunt, I'm doing prom flowers (why on earth someone planned a prom the day before Easter is beyond me!!!), LOTS of cooking, Sunrise Service, Regular Sunday Service, family time with both our families, Brad is working crazy hours, and of course I have a bazillion errands to run. We have one JAM PACKED weekend...BUT, amidst all the running around and complete CRAZINESS that our lives always seem to be, our minds are fixed on what this weekend is really all about.

The cross.


The sacrifice that He gave for us.

On how this weekend for us as Christians marks the MOST SIGNIFICANT thing that has ever happened on this earth.

I'm sure the rest of you will have a weekend much like ours - very busy and a little crazy. But, while you are up to your elbows in egg dye, making your casserole for Sunday lunch, and running to the mall to get that last thing for the Easter basket, don't lose sight of the reason for Easter - JESUS.



We serve a risen Savior!!! Glory to God! I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!!!

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