Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to the Family...

Brad and I went to Elkmont yesterday and picked up one of my anniversary presents - a puppy! This sweet, precious, little doll stole my heart when we went in to see the Yorkie puppies at Adams Farms.

She is so tiny, and needed a very girly sweet name...Brad and I decided to name her Ellie :) It just fits her to a T!! And, because I'm crazy, she had to have a middle name; her PRECIOUS breeder that we got her from is Jane...I instantly fell in love with her, and wanted Ellie to be Ellie Jane in honor of her. Mrs. Jane prays over all her dogs before they are purchased that they would be a blessing to their owner, and bring peace and joy into their home. She is such a sweet lady, and her love for the Lord is infectious! You can visit her website here.

If you remember from my 30 by 30 list, #19 was "get a puppy"...with Ellie in tow, I lovingly check that one off my list!

Welcome to our little family, Miss Ellie Jane :) We love you already!

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  1. What a precious puppy! And I love the name Ellie Jane! too cute!