Friday, March 26, 2010

30 by 30

30 before 30

WOW...I have been REALLY avoiding any thoughts of me EVER turning 30...and, when I decided to do this list I realized that I am only a little over 17 months - 517 days to be exact - away from the very dreaded 30th birthday! OH. MY. WORD!!!!! Now, for all of you that are rolling your eyes at my depression of turning 30...I know life does not end at 30 - I am just completely not looking forward to it!!

So before depression completely sets in, and I am unable to type this, these are the things that I would really love to accomplish before September 5, 2011. Some are life long aspirations, some are quirky little things that I want to do just because, and some are things that are Spirit led that I need to do.

In no particular order of importance...my 30 things before turning 30:

1. Take a cake decorating class

2. Become much more “picture taking” and “editing” literate

3. Learn how to can food

4. Learn to drive a stick shift (Brad would be SO PROUD!!)

5. Make pasta from scratch

6. Become a mother

7. Visit the Amish Country

8. Go on a weeklong vacation with Brad that is far enough away it would require a plane, train, or boat to get there

9. Attend Beth Moore LIVE! in Atlanta

10. Go to at least one Auburn game this fall…I so miss being on the Plains on Gameday!!

11. Have a Girl's Night with my best girlfriends from High School

12. Be accepted into Graduate School

13. Complete my Master’s Degree

14. Have Brad at least 2/3 finished with Seminary

15. See 2 people that I have been praying fervently for to find salvation!!

16. See one of my dearest friends become a Mrs.!!

17. Plant a vegetable garden

18. Become part of a CSA

19. Get a puppy

20. Shed enough pounds and inches to wear the dress I wore on mine and Brad’s 1st date (yes, I’m pathetic…9 years later and I still have it!)

21. Start recycling

22. Organize and preserve my digital photos

23. Make Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Rolls (This is completely contradicting #20, but this was the first recipe that I ever heard about before I even knew who or what Pioneer Woman was, and ever since then I have wanted to make these!)

24. Redo landscaping around house and pool

25. Complete at least one of the projects off my Home Improvement Wish List (yes, it's a sickness…I have lists for lists!)

26. See the movie "Blindside" (no, I have still NOT seen it!)

27. Go on a picnic with Brad

28. Make an effort to call or send a card once a week to someone for encouragement

29. De-clutter. Organize. Simplify.

30. Consciously remind myself to find joy in every day!

There you go...that's a lot to cover in a little less than a year and a half, but completely doable! I better get busy! As I check things off my list, I'll be sure to post about it...so stay tuned!


  1. I made those cinnamon rolls. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Be prepared to gain 15 pounds. I know I did!

  2. Hey! I got your comment about the necklace. I don't remember the exact price, but somewhere in the $30's. I will be at Golightly's tomorrow. If it's still there, do you want it?

  3. I love your list, so glad you joined the fun! I totally have the dress still from the day I met Brian and went to my 1st Auburn game (8 years ago), I haven't been that size is 7 years. I have always wanted to take a cake decorating class too. Cant wait to see you start to mark things off your list!

    (And you must see "Blindside" ASAP!)

  4. I still have the necklace. It's $32. You can email me if you're interested. marcusanddina@sbcglobal.net Thanks!

  5. Hayley, thank you SO much for linking up and participating. i LOVE your list, and your blog is great!!!

    You have some incredible things on here === wish I'd thought to include something like #15. Beautiful.

    Best wishes to you and your cute hubby!

  6. As I've already told you, I love your blog! You have such a positive attitude
    The list is awesome and I hope you are able to accomplish it all.

    #7- I highly recommend Amish country. We went a couple of years ago with our church and loved it!
    #26- You will LOVE it! I saw it in theaters, and it ranked in my top 5 before it had even ended! Love, love, love it!
    #28- I'm determined to get better at sending encouragement. It can make such a difference.
    #30- I think we all need to work on this one. =)

  7. Pioneer Womans cinnamon rolls didn't make my list, but they TOTALLY should have! Loved your list!

  8. You really inspire me to set goals for myself. You seem so organized and focused all the time. Oh how I wish I was that way. By the way I just read the post about canning. How did you learn how to do that or did someone teach you? Good luck with the list! I need to set some goals in my life as well :-)