Monday, March 1, 2010

News Flash

Randomness at it's best. Welcome to inside my brain...

1. Brad's trip back to China has been cancelled. Or, postponed indefinitely - whichever you prefer. Either way - I'm happy that he'll be in the great state of Alabama for a while and not across the world!!

2. I am getting sick for the 2nd time in a month. My ear drum feels like it may burst this go around. I have learned true sympathy for children with ear infections - it's awful!!

3. We have finally gotten all of our laundry caught up since getting our new washer and dryer. I am in love with them, by the way...they're absolutely fabulous!!

4. As with everything, purchasing the washer and dryer has spawned some project ideas for our laundry room. I foresee some home improvement/projects in the near future :)

5. I am so proud of mine and Brad's "kids" (you know the children and youth that make our ministry at church clearly belong to us :) ). We have several that are really starting to show true leadership, that we know are walking the walk and living for Jesus outside the church walls - and, it's just such a blessing to see them mature into what God wants them to be.

6. Brad and I are starting to plan our vacation this year, and I'm soooo excited about where we are considering going. I'll share more once we set things in stone :)

7. My favorite conversation from the day...my sweet Gracie at school was sitting in my lap looking at my necklace, and pointed to a turquoise stone and said "That one's my favorite - the blue one. Blue's my absolute favorite...today." "Today?", I asked. "Yep!", she replied. "So, does your favorite change?" "Yep! Sometimes it's blue, or orange, or pu'ple..." she said. "So, why is blue your favorite today?", I asked. "Because it's beautiful, strong, and BRIGHT!", she replied. This from a preschooler - isn't that PRECIOUS?? I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

8. We are 13 days in to Lent, and mine and Brad's sugar fast...we have done so good!! We can have some sugar on Sundays, so we really look forward to that! I've been so glad that we chose to fast from the same thing because we've held one another accountable.

9. I have 2 tests to take over the next 2 weeks to start graduate school - the APTTP and the PRAXIS II. I took the GRE 2 weeks ago, and have never been more happier to have completed anything as much as I was to have finished that one test. I'm dreading these next two like the plague!!!!! I would like to ask the powers that be - why in the world can all these tests not be combined into one big test???? Sheesh!

10. I got my tickets in the mail this weekend for Beth Moore in Atlanta coming up in April!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED and ready for that weekend to be here. It's been a while since I have been in a Beth Bible Study, and I'm ready to be changed...renewed...have Truth spoken over me. It's gonna be an awesome weekend!


  1. Get ready to be blessed at Beth Moore. Will be praying fro yo to feel better and I can't wait to see where you are going on Vacation. Buddy and I are planning one as well because we will be married 5 years in October. We are thinking some place warm and out of the country! ANy suggestions???

  2. Hey! (It's Julie Guest)
    I took the Praxis II test (0014 - Elem Ed K-5th) several months ago and it really wasn't that bad at all. I bought the study book and it helped me a lot! The social studies & science part was really all that I had to review. You'll do great! It should seem pretty easy since you just took the GRE. Good Luck!