Thursday, April 29, 2010


We left Atlanta on Saturday in drizzling rain, and by the time I got home that night there were MAJOR weather concerns. Tornados were tearing through the South at devastating speeds and power, and by early Sunday morning our community was forever changed. Praise Jesus no one was killed (which is a complete miracle), but the 3/4 mile wide tornado that plowed through left tremendous damage.

Near where we live, and only minutes from my parent's home:

(Pictures from "The Huntsville Times".)

An F4 tornado also ripped through the area that our church is in. We were thankful that our church did not receive any damage from the storms, but many homes and other churches were greatly affected.
Red Cross has been set up at Mt. Vernon as the Disaster Relief Center for the area and we have been providing meals, shelter, canned goods, toiletries, and help with cutting down trees.
It is going to take many many weeks for cleanup to be complete, and years for things to begin to look "normal" again.

We are so thankful for the Lord's protection during the storm!!

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