Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Haircut

Ellie Jane took her first trip to see Mrs. Sallie at the Pet Parlor this week! We had to wait for several weeks because open appointments at Sallie's are hard to come by...but, we finally got a call this week that there was an opening!

I of course had to get a before and after shot of Ellie since it was her first hair cut! I felt crazy when I whipped out my camera, but Sallie told me people do it all the time and we got into a lengthy discussion about cameras...so, I guess I'm not the only crazy person out there! HA!!

Before grooming:
After grooming:

She looks so much better! But, the bow just cracks me up! She absolutely HATES it, which is so how I'm sure my little girls will be since I LOVE big hairbows! She shakes her head all the time to try to get it to fall out, but it is still in there after two days. We'll see how much longer it will last...

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