Tuesday, July 27, 2010

O Happy Day!

I have waited for the day to get to share this for soooo very long. My cousin, Lori - who I mention often - is MUCH more like my sister than cousin...and, we are SOOOO much alike, it's a little scary sometimes! HA!

Well, after much anticipation and waiting on the Lord for His perfect timing....I got to watch this happen Sunday afternoon...
YAAHHHHOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Lori is engaged! To her Prince Charming, I might add. He is the perfect fit - so sweet, genuine, loves Jesus, and is absolutely smitten with Lori...and, all those things make me love him!
Lori and Brandon, I reached a new level of happiness on Sunday! I am BEYOND WORDS ecstatic that the Lord chose to put you in each other's lives, and am so thankful for His perfect timing. I love you both, and can't wait to hear you pronounced "Mr. and Mrs."!

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