Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peter Pan

Friday night I went with Valerie and the kids to see Peter Pan, a production by our community Children's Theatre at The Whole Backstage Theatre.
Carolyne and Sam were so excited - they had been watching the movie at home to gear up for the play :)There was one part in the play where Tinkerbell "drinks" some medicine and it makes her pass out...several other fairies come and help her to "wake up". Carolyne leaned over and said, "She [Tinkerbell] just needed someone to help her come back alive...that's what good friends do, you know - they come help you come back alive!" Pretty profound statement from a 6 year old!!
Consensus on the play - when the curtains closed at the end, Carolyne said, "Oh please don't let it be over - I'll miss them so much!!"...and, Sam said, "That was the best Peter Pan EVER! I need a Peter Pan costume, Mommy!!"

...yep, I'd say they enjoyed it :)

If you are local, you need to make plans this weekend to go see the play!! It's so cute! You can find performance dates and times here.

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