Friday, October 29, 2010

Be Our Guest!

I am joining Kelly's Korner tour of guest rooms today! 

We have 2 guest rooms ...

This room I just redid a few months ago.  Everything is black, white, and red.  This is the view from the hall -
I made yet another rag wreath (I'm not completely obsessed, I promise...just a little) with scraps of fabric I had in red, black, and white.  The "P" in the middle of the wreath I got from Hobby Lobby and spray painted it black. 
For the bedding, I used a white matelasse coverlet because I LOVE them - I have a coverlet on every bed in our house.  The red is a minky dot comforter set that my sister bought and decided she didn't want to use...so, I gladly took it off her hands :)  I got the white with black polka dots, black with white polka dots (my curtains), and black and white floral pattern at a local fabric store off the 50% off table!! 
The furniture was my grandmother's (remember her dresser that's in my foyer?  It's from this set.)  I covered the vanity bench cushion with the floral and a pillow for the rocker. 
I made the curtains with black and white polka dot fabric and added red ric rac trim to the bottom.  They're simple and cute!
 Our second guest room is red and white.  I have had the bedding forever, but I still love it! 
The furniture in this room was my childhood bedroom furniture.  It was an antique when my parents bought it.  I must have had a major memory loss when I was taking pictures in this room because I forgot to take pictures of the other pieces besides the bed, but to the left of the bed is a wardrobe with a full length mirror on the front.  It's such a neat piece - I hope my children get to use it someday!
I love milk glass, and have several pieces including the lamp on the chest.  And um, somehow I didn't get a picture of the other wall to the right, but I have several white plates hanging on each side of the window...just imagine in your head how pretty it must be! HA! 
Okay, so now I'm ready for some guests!  Thanks for stopping by :)

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