Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy, Happy Halloween

We had a great Halloween! I don't like scary Halloween stuff - just the fun costumes, candy, and yummy fall food. Brad and I live in a fantastic neighborhood for trick or treating, so our family always comes and hangs out at our house to eat and see all the cuties dressed up :)
We had lots of trick or treaters, but the cutest were these 3 princesses and 1 particular super hero...
...and, this little pumpkin stole the show! She absolutely had a ball watching all the kids - she's such a little social butterfly! HA!
And, I couldn't NOT share some of my fall decorations!  Y'all know how I love to dec out the porch each season...

I LOVE how my pumpkin topiaries turned out!!  I used 3 different kinds/colors/sizes of pumpkins, put them in 2 big black urns, and stuffed reindeer moss around the edges.
Cute, cute, cute!!
I hope all of you had a fun HALLOWEEN!!  It's hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of November - this year has went soooo fast!  Since November is the month we celebrate Thanksgiving, I'm going to challenge myself to post about something that I'm thankful for each day of the month...and, believe me I have PLENTY to be thankful for, so this won't be hard at all!  Check back in tomorrow for my first post...

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