Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One WILD Night...

***for all persons of the male species...be prepared for a very girly post of pictures containing lots of pink, fluff, florals, and feathers...not that all of my posts are not mostly girly, but still just wanted to prepare you.***

Lori's wedding is just right around the corner, and I have been so excited to get to host her Lingerie Shower!  It was just her closest friends, so it was more like a fun girls night than a shower...we had SO MUCH FUN, and laughed more than I have in years!!
The theme of the party was "One WILD Night", so everything was animal prints with accents of hot pink and lime green.  I made a rag wreath for the front door with tulle, zebra and cheetah print ribbon, and made a little sign for the middle.  I will be posting soon on how to make a rag wreath - they're easy peasy, and lots of fun to put together!!
 I set up the table to look like a bed, similar to what we did for Carolyne's slumber party...
I saw this idea in a magaizine, and had to do it - I covered this dress form with fresh zinnias and pom poms, and added tulle at the bottom for the skirt...it was sooo cute!!
Everyone got a boa to wear when they arrived, and I used one to make a little clothesline/garland for the mantle.  The gifts sitting on the mantle were prizes for games we played...
...and, we had a BLAST playing some hilarious games!  Lori was such a good sport!!!
It was a great night, and so fun to just be "with the girls"...sometimes you forget how important it is to be with your girlfriends!!  Now, the countdown to the wedding BEGINS...4 1/2 weeks for Lori to become a Mrs.!!  I can't wait :)

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  1. i love the flower dress and of course the decorations are WILD!!!