Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fall Fun

Last week was my Fall Break...it came and went so fast!!!!  The beginning of the week Brad and I spent some time with my parents at the lake - we had a WONDERFUL time...and, I didn't even take my camera!  The rest of the week I was gearing up for a F.U.L.L. weekend o' fun full of hosting a shower, Fall Fest at church, and grad school projects!! 

We had an incredible Fall Fest!!  Tons of children came and we had lots of different carnival games, inflatables (does anyone else remember when the only "inflatable" was the MoonWalk...and we thought it was the coolest thing EVER??!!), and of course lots of candy!! 
All my sweet Acteen girls helped at the "Welcome Station", and Abby became the official tattoo artist (By the way - tattoos are sooooo much better than face paint, trust me!!!!) :) 
We take every opportunity we can to share with our children about Jesus, and Brad shared a very special message using the patches of a scarecrow - it was a great teaching tool since we see scarecrows everywhere this time of year!
But, I have to give credit where credit is due...this idea was inspired by these bookmarks we got to use as a prize for one of the games.  You can buy them here.
We enjoyed spending the day with our church friends and soooo many guests.  A HUMONGOUS thanks to everyone that helped make this day such a success...from people who sent donations, helped with games, brought food, invited friends - each person played a part in helping us!  We appreciate our church family SO MUCH!!!  It was a great day!!

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  1. FUN! Our church had a fall festival a few sunday nights ago. It was great! I love to see churches doing fun events like this!