Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Days of Thanks...starts NOW!

What does the word "thanksgiving" mean to you? Does it bring images of turkey and sweet potatoes with everyone gathered around the table...pilgrims and indians....football...parades...or, maybe even shopping on Black Friday??  Or, does it bring you to a place of being overwhelmingly grateful, appreciative, pleased, blessed?

Last year, I chose to do a post of "thanks" each week during the month of November...but, there were soooo many more things that I could have posted about.  So, I decided this year to try to do a post each day of the month about something I'm thankful for. 

So, today on November 1st, following an entire month of receiving cards, letters, child drawn pictures, sweet gifts, and words of encouragement and love in honor of Pastor Appreciation Month...I'm completely overwhelmed with thankfulness for our church family.
Yesterday marked 4 years that Brad and I have served at Mount Vernon - WOW! It has been a learning and growing experience for us in our ministry, and we are reminded over and over how very BLESSED we are to do what we do!!  
To some, Children and Youth Ministry may just seem like we're just playing loud music and doing crazy stuff all the time...but it's SOOO MUCH MORE than that.
It's learning, growing, building relationships, and sharing Christ in any way that we can.
How thankful I am for a church that "gets" that.  That appreciates what we do, and supports us soooo much!!  We are beyond words grateful!!

So, what about you...are you up to the challenge of dedicating a month to thanks??

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