Sunday, November 7, 2010

30 Days of Thanks...Day 7

Happy Sunday!!  Our first week of November has already came and went so incredibly fast!!  Have you been thinking about what you're thankful for??  I've really enjoyed sharing what I'm thankful for each day...if you're bored with my 30 Days of Thanks, I'll be back to my normal posts in December...but, stick around - who knows, you might catch yourself being thankful for the little things each day :)

Today, I'm thankful for something that the Lord has reminded me of the past 2 Sundays.  Last week, Brad preached a sermon about obedience...this week, we had missionaries visit our church and share about their experiences on the mission field.  In each of the 3 missionaries that shared, there was a common thread in their stories - obedience and trust.  The missionary that spoke tonight used the exact phrase that Brad used last week in his sermon - "God doesn't need our abilities, He needs our availability."

We so often feel like we are not smart enough, not talented enough, we don't speak well in front of others, we are uncomfortable sharing our faith, someone will think we are stupid, and a jazillion other things that we get in our heads that are the reason we can't do something for God.  But, He doesn't want our abilities, because you know what?  On our own, we would fail...miserably.    All He wants of us is to be willing to be available to be used by Him.  He will do all the work in us and through us...we just have to be available. 

Thank you, Lord for reminding me of how you need me to just be available...be willing...to be used by You.  I am yours!

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