Friday, November 12, 2010

30 Days of Thanks...Day 12

Isn't it amazing when you start something, that Satan tries to take your eyes and focus away?  This week has been hard - hard to stay focused on being thankful, hard to keep my mind in a state of thankfulness...just plain hard.  I have been incredibly overwhelmed and frustrated about different things, and those are the thoughts I have had to FIGHT...realize that some things are out of my control...and, search for thankfulness in the midst of chaos. 

But, you know what?  As much power as Satan has, God has a MILLION times more power.  When we truly ask from our heart for help...comfort...peace...understanding...the Will to fight the negative just comes.  God will never leave us nor fosake us - He's there.  We just ask, and He's willing.  And the awesome thing - He WANTS us to call on Him.

So, today I'm thankful for a God that is always here for me, ready and waiting to step in and fix what I have messed up.  For a God that ALWAYS will out do what Satan may have tried to do in our hearts and minds.

I'm thankful for the times that God allows me to get in a "funk" just so I am reminded that I can always count on Him to be there.

Thank you, Lord for loving me inspite of everything.  For always being my comforter, and the peacemaker in my heart! 

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