Monday, November 22, 2010

30 Days of Thanks...Day 22

Today, I'm thankful for my Bradley!  He works SO HARD for our little family, and it makes me so very proud of him!  The past couple of months has been really busy for him - more so than normal.  We are doing a good bit of renovations to our home (pictures to come soon!) and we are doing everything ourselves.  He is in Seminary taking 2 extremely difficult classes this semester.  He has a very demanding job - demanding of his time, attention, energy.  And, Youth ministry!!  WHEW...Sometimes, I wonder how on earth he does what he does. 
 I love him more each day, and thank God for him every single day. He's by far my favorite :)

 How thankful I am the Lord put us in each other's lives 9 1/2 years ago!!  How blessed we are :)
I love you, Bradley!!

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