Saturday, November 20, 2010

30 Days of Thanks...Day 20

I'm thankful for a wonderful day today with some of my favorite ladies!  We had a "Fall Garden Party Luncheon" with Lori today for all the bridesmaids and her closest friends before the big day next weekend.  We all wore our hats and pearls, and had so much fun!  It doesn't matter how old you are, it's always fun to dress up :)
My mother looked like a true Southern belle...doesn't she look beautiful??  And, Valerie didn't look too bad either ;)
Lori with our gracious host, Ms. Tammy!  LOVED her hat!!
The party should have been in a Southern Lady magazine...it was sooooo cute!!  Lots and lots of details that I didn't even get a picture of, but here are some of my favorites.  The "Thankful Tree" where we each wrote Lori a note of why we were thankful for her, then we clipped them to the tree.  Also loved the white pumpkins with Lori and Brandon's initials!
I wanted to grab this cotton bouquet and run with it!!! HA!!  It was made out of cotton and had pearls mixed in the cotton, with small tree branches sprayed white for the "stems"...LOVE IT!!!
Of course I would love a wreath!  Tammy had used all different pictures of Lori and Brandon in a sepia tone color to make this "Happily Ever After" wreath.  It was hanging on an old door behind the food table.
This picture does not do the food table justice...of course, it doesn't help that I took this picture AFTER we ate! 
Me with my 2 sisters :) 
It was a great day!  So thankful to get to share it with Lori!! 

This next week is going to be lots of fun and CRAZY BUSY!!! Have I told y'all our special events business, Judith B. and Company, will be doing the catering and floral designs...AND, Valerie and I are both in the wedding??  This is definitely a first - we have done LOTS of weddings, lots of catering, and lots of flowers...but, never have we been bridesmaids in a wedding we are doing...um, during the week of Thanksgiving at that!!  I wouldn't do it for anyone else though, than Lori! 

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