Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Told Y'all!

See, I'm already a day behind, y'all!!  I can't get my act together these days, and I'm really starting to get on my own nerves...that's really bad!!

So, yesterday I was thankful for one of my MOST FAVORITE past times...what Brad and I like to call "Sunday driving".  I don't know if anyone else in the world outside of the South (or outside of my family for that matter) calls driving around looking at houses, land, the fall leaves, etc. "Sunday driving", but that's what we've always called it - and, I LOVE to do it.  I'm such an old lady! HA!!  Yesterday was the most BEAUTIFUL weather, and my sweet Ellie and I went "Sunday driving" with the windows down and had a wonderful laid back afternoon.

Today, I'm thankful I get to enjoy being at home and watching some SEC football!  I say that very lighthearted because after watching the Auburn/Alabama special on ESPN this past week, I realize how we put WAAAAAAYYYYYYY too much emphasis on such a crazy little sport and rivalry.  I do enjoy it, and have lots of fun with family and friends while watching it, but I KNOW (and, I sure hope we all do) in the grand scheme of things that it's not REALLY the MOST important thing in life...

Hope everyone is having a super weekend!!!

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  1. We have always called it Sunday Driving too. Growing up it was a Sunday past time sitting in the truck on my knees lookin out the back window right next to my Daddy. That was back when seatbelts were not required and everything was slower. Ok once I typed that I realized how old I sound too. Grateful for the memories tho!