Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today, I'm thankful for a wonderful ministry that I'm proud my church is a part of.  Operation Christmas Child shares the love of Jesus with children around the world by providing them with shoebox gifts.  The shoeboxes are filled with little trinkets, small toys, paper and crayons, and basically anything else that a child would like that can fit in a shoebox!

I'm also sooo very thankful for one of our teen girls that put this year's Shoebox Ministry together for our church!  She did a wonderful job, and I'm inspired by her passion to "do more"...God has great plans for her, no doubt!  So proud and thankful for you, Meg!!

What a humbling experience it is to buy gifts for a child, knowing that the only present they will receive is what you put in their little box...but, knowing how excited they will be to open their shoebox and find their treasures and also get to hear about Jesus is such a blessing to me!! 

Are you planning to be a part of some type of ministry this holiday season? I can promise you it will be better than any present you receive!

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